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The Vulcan Coalition reaches their community in various ways including highlighting key messages of the early years on their local Vulcan TV and have resource guides at their local tourist attractions. In addition they have a historic and solid relationship with their local Food Bank, providing additional resources for young families.

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Community Success Stories

Coalition Capacity

Community of Practice

Communities of Practice were formed across the province to encourage engagement in collective learning with people who share a common vision to address problems & outcomes that are not easily or effectively achieved by working alone. Discovering West Edmonton, Brooks, Foothills, Calgary, and other Coalitions have hosted communities of practice empowering community, parents, professionals and

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Policy & Practice


Coalitions have been active connecting with politicians and policy makers to support the importance of considering the early years when making funding decisions and creating policy. Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge, and many more Coalitions engage leaders at all levels of government and in community.

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Coalition Capacity

Coalition Outcomes Working Group

Coalitions Outcomes Working Group (COWG) has been responsible for guiding the implementation of the ECCA Outcome Measurement and Evaluation Framework for Early Childhood Coalitions of Alberta, including the development of the Outcome Matrix indicators and tools, as well as a knowledge mobilization plan. Members include volunteer Coalition members government representatives and FCSSAA, who have dedicated

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Coalitions as of 2020