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Voice of Community

Coalition’s use participant surveys to measure how Coalition activities impact awareness and knowledge of early childhood development, as well as changes in caregiver confidence. This qualitative and quantitative data is used at both a community and provincial level to measure collective impact and to inform planning.

After attending Coalition activities Participants reported...

They had better understanding, increased awareness and were more confident of discussed Early Childhood Development topics.
They were more able to use their knowledge to support early childhood development in their community.
They were more aware of Early Childhood Supports and Resources in their area.

What Participants are

FatherTaber/Warner County
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"This was great for increasing awareness about children's mental health and encouraging fathers to help build strong mental and emotional health in their children. It helps me realize a little extra effort can go a long way in building emotionally stable children."
Parent Lloydminster & Area
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"Very helpful event in building that play connection with simple play activities we have at home."
CaregiverSt. ALbert & Sturgeon County
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"I'm inspired and motivated to play with a purpose!"
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"Human interaction is key to child brain development."
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"I love being reminded about the importance of play, the importance of attachments and the power of our role in children's lives."
Community Member
Community MemberLacombe
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"Curious as to how technology (as was addressed in overview somewhat) is negatively/positively affecting early childhood development. Also curious if socio-economic demographics in surveyed communities may impact results."
ParentCardston County/Warner County North
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"This has been the best workshop I have been to, it's amazing that it is free. I always come away with something new to try at home"
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"I loved everything! Knowledge is power and as a parent there is always room to improve."
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"Playing at home makes them strong and healthy and full of energy. Communicating with them makes their brain healthy and maintain their memory."
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"I feel more confident in finding early childhood supports in my community planning engaging activities for my family or the children I work with."
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"Thank you for a fun time (with my children). Coming from a struggling (finances) parent, this was really nice treat to have a yummy free supper and spend time doing fun activities with my girls."
High School Teacher
High School TeacherMedicine Hat
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In addition to being a parent "I am also a high school teacher in the community. The importance of programs offered by the ECCA have lasting impact. Thank you for the work you do in our community."

Community Stories

Collective Impact

Circle of Influence

Coalitions have been instrumental in ensuring the early childhood lens is applied throughout the community by representing young children at such initiatives as End Poverty,

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Coalition Development

Medicine Hat

Roving Gyms, began as an idea to increase physical health and well being during the winter months, was a response to both the 2014 and

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Collaborative Planning

Central Peace

Central Peace encourages coalition members to refine skills in leadership and strategic planning. The coordinator attended board development sessions offered by Alberta Arts & Culture

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