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Take 5!

Red Deer Coalition’s “Take 5” Campaign was a result of conversations around how to engage families in understanding key early childhood messages.  Engaging with community, they heard from many families: “we’re so busy”.  A strength-based solution was helping them understand that even 5 minutes of time with a child is the difference you can make. Adding the “Take 5” messages to the five Early Development Instrument (EDI) developmental areas worked well for the “Take 5” campaign. 

Take 5 to play with me (physical health and well-being)

Take 5 to be present with me and teach calming strategies (emotional maturity)

Take 5 to explore with me how things work building my social skills (social competence)

Take 5 to read and talk to me for 5 minutes as it will grow connections in my brain (language and cognitive development)

Take 5 to look at me and listen to me for 5 minutes as it builds my understanding of how the world works (communication and general knowledge)

It just “takes 5 minutes” at a time to be present with a young child whether you are a parent, caregiver, or grandparent. Making a difference for the little one you love is worth 5 minutes at a time! Our “Take 5” campaign builds on community collaboration and we have made large poster boards that groups can have at events, display at programs, and spread the message of “Take 5”.  A flyer was also created with the “Take 5” Campaign on one side and our community Early Development Instrument (EDI) results on the other.  As a Coalition, the Communication plan including featuring one developmental area a month on social media (Facebook and Instagram) promoting information and activities that support the developmental milestone.

Ready to Take Action?

Community Success Stories

Collective Impact

Circle of Influence

Coalitions have been instrumental in ensuring the early childhood lens is applied throughout the community by representing young children at such initiatives as End Poverty, inter-agency & social planning committees, Child Friendly organizations, professional foundations and associations including Alberta Family Wellness Initiative, Muttart Foundation, the Alberta Library Association, and Alberta Early Childhood Educators Association (AECEA),

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Collaborative Planning

Guest Speakers

For more than 10 years, Coalitions have collaborated with other stakeholders to host guest speakers including Jean Clinton, Junlei Li, Judy Cameron, Gabor Mate, Gordon Neufeld, Jeff Johnson, Phil McRae, Ooey Gooey Inc., Mary Lambert, Monique Grey Smith, Jody Carrington, Robin Gibb, Magdalena Janus, Line Perron, Imagine Institute, Cafe Institute, Motivention, Ready to Raise, Nancy

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Coalition Capacity

Regional & Provincial Gatherings

ECCA hosted Provincial Gatherings: “Moving from Awareness to Action” in 2016 and “Our Data, Our Stories, Our Journey” in 2017. Building on this, Coalitions hosted and gathered for conferences, retreats, and other professional development events regionally to enhance relationships and celebrate successes, collaboration and effective teamwork. ‘Connecting the Dots’ gathered 50 Coalitions from Central and

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Coalitions as of 2020