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Social Media

Coalitions have been working diligently to meet caregivers where they are and for many social media was an ideal tool to mobilize early childhood development messages and research. Coalitions have used their social media channels to raise awareness of the importance of the early years and how the first five years of rapid brain development forms lifetime behaviours, social skills and learning capacity.

Coalitions across the province created and shared evidence based messages to promote parents and families as the primary and most important caregivers of young children and foster the concept that every member of a community has a role in supporting the development of young children.

Ready to Take Action?

Community Success Stories

Collaborative Planning

Digital Play Packs

Lethbridge Early Years Coalition (LEYC) created five themes of Digital Play Packs to help parents and caregivers find balance between engaging in active play opportunities and digital play with their children. Learning from the West Red Deer County Early Childhood Coalition, LEYC created Science Magic, Hide & Seek and Superhero Fun Digital Play Packs (DPPs).

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Collective Impact

Documenting Impact

Aligning the key conditions of collective impact, ECCA initiated a shared measurement plan. Data collection was a component made possible in the partnership with CoLab-Online. Innovative practice allowed for Coalition involvement along the way with engagement for the Framework and customized data collection tools. Collection, tracking, and reporting progress provided accountability and was instrumental in

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Collective Impact

ECCA Podcast

Networks and coalitions can play an important role in fostering social innovation. When used well, they help diverse changemakers bring their unique perspectives and efforts together to better understand and address complex problems.  In this episode, we hear from three changemakers within ECCA (Early Childhood Coalitions of Alberta). Janice Kraemer, one of ECCA’s Provincial Liaisons.

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