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Pincher Creek

The Pincher Creek Coaltion is working with other key organizations in the community to share best practices and support of growth including supporting the re-development of the only infant daycare space in their community in addition to exploring ways to expand and enhance local childcare and day home options in their area (which is a critical need). They also have been successful in partnering with the local Family Centre in creating ‘Forest Explorers’ addressing the emotional maturity domain. Next steps includes creating nature space for toddlers.

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Community Success Stories

I’m Ready Booklets Translated!

I’m Ready to Translate!A Linking, Aligning and Leveraging Story(Spotlight By: Phil Carlton on behalf of ALL OF REGION 7)In starting conversations and sparking the beginnings of connections, we often can’t anticipate what our outcomes might be. We have ideas and hopes to be sure, but sometimes the actual impact goes far beyond event those! That

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Collaborative Planning

Central Peace

Central Peace encourages coalition members to refine skills in leadership and strategic planning. The coordinator attended board development sessions offered by Alberta Arts & Culture & hosted though the local municipality. At every available opportunity, they have met with local and provincial government representatives to advocate for community needs regarding desired resources and services.

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Smoky Lake

The coalition has developed EPIC (Explore, Play, Inspire, Connect) to promote the development of all 5 domains in a fun and interactive way. EPIC shows parents how to create simple, fun, and easily replicated activities which will enhance all areas of their child’s development. This is a highly attended workshop and allows parents to make

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