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Building upon the strong community response to the Coalition hosted workshops on technology, the Lethbridge Coalition saw the need to build adult capacity in this area. Inspired by a Central Alberta Coalition, they developed Digital Play Packs to help increase understanding of the importance of the balance between technology and active play to shape healthy brains, build resilience and strength bonds with caregivers. Partners include the Lethbridge Library who have the Science Magic and Superhero Digital Play Packs in circulation and additional funding from Rotary to build eight additional Digital Play Packs. In 2017, four new themes included: Nature Play, Physical Literacy and Hide and Seek.

Helen Schuler Nature Centre is creating the Nature Play theme and Lethbridge Sport Council is creating the Physical Literacy DPPs. It has been a great avenue to create new collaborative partners in the community through these DPPs. The Coalition Coordinator also was invited to speak at the Southern Alberta Library Conference about the DPPs, EDI connections and our provincial coalition work. This came full circle when librarians and other Coalitions in the region worked together to create their own for their communities!

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Community Success Stories

Play Charter

The 2017 International Play Association (IPA) conference sparked a lot of conversation around the importance of play in our community of Lethbridge. Stakeholders from several organizations were asking the question, “How do we make play a priority for all children and youth in Lethbridge?” Lethbridge Early Years Coalition (LEYC) decided it was time for action.

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I’m Ready Booklets Translated!

I’m Ready to Translate!A Linking, Aligning and Leveraging Story(Spotlight By: Phil Carlton on behalf of ALL OF REGION 7)In starting conversations and sparking the beginnings of connections, we often can’t anticipate what our outcomes might be. We have ideas and hopes to be sure, but sometimes the actual impact goes far beyond event those! That

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Collaborative Planning

Central Peace

Central Peace encourages coalition members to refine skills in leadership and strategic planning. The coordinator attended board development sessions offered by Alberta Arts & Culture & hosted though the local municipality. At every available opportunity, they have met with local and provincial government representatives to advocate for community needs regarding desired resources and services.

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