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What we do

​ We foster collaboration and build partnerships to improve the community’s capacity to support optimal early childhood development.By facilitating local action, and documenting the impact at the community and collective (provincial) levels, ECCA contributes to children and families establishing the foundations of health and well being in the early years…which will last a lifetime.

Coalitions focus on:

Coalition Impact in 2016-2019...


Workshops, community events and displays


Participants reached through Coalition activities


Resources and key messages shared with communities


In-Kind & additional financial community support

ECCA's Podcast

Networks and coalitions can play an important role in fostering social innovation. Listen to learn more about ECCA's story.

Knowledge Mobilization

Raise awareness of the importance of the early years & how the first five years of rapid brain development forms lifetime behaviours, social skills and learning capacity.

Promote parents and families as the primary and most important caregivers of young children and foster the concept that every member of a community has a role in supporting the development of young children.

Community Engagement

The process of encouraging community involvement in local efforts and actions related to early childhood development.  Coalitions lead and/or participate in community activities, workshops and other learning activities.

Collaborative Planning

Collaboration refers to individuals or organizations working together to address problems and delivery outcomes that are not easily or effectively achieved alone. Work collaboratively to assess community need and respond to current situations. 

Coalition Development

Aimed at building Coalition capacity to work with community stakeholders and partners to take effective action. 

Together communities create a shared vision and develop a plan of action (Coalition Community Action Plan) building community capacity to support young children and their families.

Additional connections are fostered with other Coalitions across Alberta both through an online platform and in person at Regional Gatherings. 

Documenting Impact

Coalitions from across the province connect using CoLab Online’s Community Spaces to collaborate, obtain timely info and access meaningful resources.   CoLab’s customized data collection tools provide Coalitions, communities and the province with real time data and analysis. Data collected from Coalitions is used at both a community and provincial level to measure collective impact and to inform planning.

  • Participant Surveys measure how Coalition activities impact awareness and knowledge of ECD, as well as changes in caregiver confidence.
  • Member Surveys are designed to measure collaborative planning and Coalition development.
  • Output Tool data captures all Coalition activities that have taken place throughout the year including meetings, coalition training, collaborations, events and learning opportunities.

Coalitions as of 2020