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Developmental Domains

The Early Development Instrument (EDI) measures children’s ability to meet age-appropriate developmental expectations in five general areas or domains.  

Physical Health
& Well-being



Language &
Cognitive Skills

Communication Skills and General Knowledge

Physical Health & Well-being

Physical readiness for school day
Physical independence
Gross and fine motor skills

Social Competence

Overall social competence
Responsibility and respect
Approaches to learning
Readiness to explore new things

Emotional Maturity

Prosocial and helping behaviour
Anxious and fearful behaviour
Aggressive behaviour
Hyperactivity and inattentive behaviour

Language & Cognitive Skills

Basic literacy
Interest in literacy/numeracy and memory
Advanced literacy
Basic numeracy

Communication Skills and General Knowledge

Communication skills with both peers and adults
Storytelling participation & imaginative play
Articulates clearly
Proficient in their native language
Age-appropriate knowledge about the life and world around

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