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Whitecourt Swanhills Fox Creek

White Swan Fox Early Childhood Development Coalition

Who we are:

Celebrating the early years and seeing the children and families of Whitecourt, Swan Hills and Fox Creek thrive!

Supporting families in our communities by providing education and awareness of the developmental domains and key health messages that are specific to enhancing the early years.

Engaging community stakeholders and coordinating local resources and services to support priority action plans. As a Coalition we may leverage the strength of our individual assets to have a greater impact on early childhood development topics in our community.

Where we’ve been:

The WhiteSwanFox Coalition was created as a means to help the three communities of Whitecourt, Swan Hills and Fox Creek aid in the growth and development of each individual community. Although we form one Coalition, we work individually in order to focus on the specific needs of each community concerning Early Childhood Development.

· Distribute developmental kits to members in the community with activities for them to do at home with their children to promote healthy child development.
· Spring Fling Event: fun filled event for families in the community. There are developmental screenings and referrals available onsite. It is also meant to increase the knowledge of available Early Childhood Development supports and programs for families to access.
· We provide learning events for the community to help educate residents on the importance of growth and development in the early years.

Swan Hills:
· Local Coalition is dedicated to improving the knowledge and resources of families and their children, in partnership with Family & Community Support Services (FCSS) and Parent Link we are able to provide an abundance of programs and activities to support the families in our community with children ages 0-6.
· Distribute developmental kits to vulnerable families and modeled how the kit can be used to promote healthy child development.
· Host local events that focus on cultural inclusion and how to embrace cultural parenting differences.

Fox Creek:
· Promote Early Childhood Development and the 5 developmental domains in partnership with various community events by having tables of information to share, providing learning baskets as draw prizes as well as providing Coalition members as speakers.
· Host Kids Fest, a bi-annual resource and information fair for families in Fox Creek.
· Promote awareness of essential skills needed for kindergarten readiness and advocate for additional resources to support family and child success.

Where we’re going:

· Increase awareness of available programs, services, and supports in our community.
· Identify ways to reach out and reduce the Early Childhood Development gap experienced by community families. Time is set aside during local Coalition meetings for program updates, trends and challenges facing community families. Early Childhood Development serving organizations work collaboratively to reduce the gaps that families are experiencing.
· Host a Learning Event that builds the capacity of its attendees. Service providers and community members will come together to gain knowledge on a topic that encourages positive healthy development in children.

Swan Hills:
· Host our Early Childhood Conference, which will provide the latest provincial Early Development Instrument (EDI) results as well as detailed information about the Coalition and our work in the community. We will also be providing tools and educational resources to assist parents while raising their children through all of their developmental stages.
· Host events that encourage parents to interact with their children as they grow and develop.
· Provide age appropriate learning tools, activities, and resources to parents and their children 0-6, such as developmental kits to compliment the Ages & Stages Questionnaire.
· To provide support to educate and connect families and the community to parenting and developmental resources as needed.

Fox Creek:
· Host a community event (KidsFest) that promotes the agencies and services within our community that specifically target families with children ages 0-12. This event will be hosted with a number of community partners.
· To build stronger connections and have a wider community reach, our Coalition intends to offer translated copies of our community resource guide (I Am books).
· Through continued small table meetings, our Coalition will continue the conversation around challenges in our community and will continue to strive to problem-solve solutions around them.

Coalition Map


Be active in the early years of your child and in the community!Be part of the group of parents, caregivers, professionals who take small steps to be engaged or If you would like to contribute to the Coalition or receive more information, please send us an email. We want to hear your opinion! Get in Touch with Your Local Coalition!

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