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Wainwright & Area

Wainwright & Area Early Years Coalition

Who we are:

WEYC Vision:

To provide optimal early childhood experiences through effective communication and collaboration amongst members of the Early Years Coalition.

Where we’ve been:

WEYC believes that all families benefit from access to support and resources. The WEYC strives to provide these services to families in Wainwright and M.D. of Wainwright including the villages of Irma, Edgerton and Chauvin.

Through the partnership with the WEYC Members, the WEYC has strengthened its communication and relationships with families in our area by providing optimal early years childhood experiences and information to families regarding early years resources.

Where we’re going:

WEYC has many future goals to support our families and children to be successful with early years opportunities.

In the month of December WEYC is hosting “A Day with Dr. Carrington”. We are striving to share and respond to the Early Development Instrument results with our community stakeholders and educate the community members, families and professionals about the important role they all play in the successful development of a child and family during the early years.

As a result of the strengthened relationship with our WEYC members, it is allowing the WEYC to develop further effective networking resources, staff training, and prevention of duplication of services. Because of this relationship WEYC has many future events planned. For example: Kites for kids, Parent and Tot swim, Snowflake Social and more!

Coalition Map


Be active in the early years of your child and in the community!Be part of the group of parents, caregivers, professionals who take small steps to be engaged or If you would like to contribute to the Coalition or receive more information, please send us an email. We want to hear your opinion!

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