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Pincher Creek & Area

Pincher Creek & Area Early Childhood Coalition

Who we are:

We are community partners working together to build a strong, informed society that supports families of children ages 0-5.

Our Vision:

Pincher Creek’s children are thriving. Children ages 0-5 and their families are strong and resilient to the changes of tomorrow.

Our Work:

We strengthen our community’s ability to have an effective, positive impact on early childhood development, by:
*Identifying the gaps and needs in the early childhood landscape
*Collaborating to facilitate solutions
*Sharing evidence-based information about the importance of the early years with decision-makers and the broader community
*Leveraging the strengths of community partners
*Aligning and coordinating services and resources in community

Our Four Priority Areas:

Knowledge Mobilization – deliver key messages about early childhood development to the community, key stakeholder groups, and target audiences.

Community Engagement – encouraging community involvement in local efforts and actions related to early childhood development.

Collaborative Planning – working together with other individuals, agencies or government bodies to address problems and delivery outcomes that are not easily or effectively achieved by working alone.

Coalition Development – building Coalition membership and capacity to work with community stakeholders and partners to take effective action

Our members include parents, community agencies, practitioners and early childhood educators. We strive to work alongside our community partners in government and non- government to foster a deep understanding of the early years. We believe that healthy young children will grow to be active and engaged community citizens.

Where we’ve been:

The Coalition has been the think- tank and action- bank for the healthy development of children 0-5 in Pincher Creek and area for over a decade.

The Coalition continues to be a member of the Pincher Creek Community Early Learning Centre board. We have been delighted in collaborating with the Town of Pincher Creek and the Municipality of Pincher Creek as well as early childhood educators and community members at large and are happy to announce the construction of two early learning centres in Pincher Creek for 2020.

With the support and enthusiasm of the Pincher Creek Family Centre staff, we have also been able to help in establishing a Forest Explorers program in Pincher Creek. This nature centered program continues to be successfully facilitated by the Family Centre with great community accolades with astoundingly positive results.

Where we’re going:

As a Coalition, we are growing stronger with members joining us from various faculties. Diversity is strength and we are working hard to honour that in order to represent all of our young children’s needs.

We are collaborating to create a toddler centered natural playground this year – the first of its kind in Pincher Creek!

We continue to engage in our community groups and events to promote the early years and serve our families.


Be active in the early years of your child and in the community!Be part of the group of parents, caregivers, professionals who take small steps to be engaged or If you would like to contribute to the Coalition or receive more information, please send us an email. We want to hear your opinion!

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