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Innisfail Envision Children First ECD Coalition

Who we are:

Our Mission is to support children, ages 0-5, and their families through a shared responsibility so that they may live, learn, and play in a safe and healthy community.

1) Children’s development comes first in all our planning as they are our most valued resource; we want to learn and play together to give our children a strong foundation which the early years are built on.

2) We support Innisfail and area families in their role as a child’s most influential teacher, by organizing children’s festivals and hosting symposiums and learning sessions that are free to the community.

3) We believe that parenting is a life-long learning experience and we believe every family has unique strengths that are supported and strengthened by its community.

Where we’ve been:

April 2011 – Our Coalition roots began during the ECMap Research Project.

May 2012 – Partnered with Family & Community Support Services (FCSS) & United Way to open the Innisfail Family Centre (to later become the Parent Link Centre in 2015)

April 2015 – Innisfail Early Childhood Development Coalition continues under ECCA

2015 – Circle of Supports for Innisfail was developed

2016 – 1st Annual Fall Family Festival
– Community workshops included: Kids Have Stress Too!, Bringing the Joy Back In, Music & Movement, Superhero Play
– “I am Ready” Innisfail resource guide developed

2017 – 2nd Annual Fall Family Festival
– Community workshops included: the Cardboard Box Challenge, Story in my Pocket, Promoting Healthy Brain Development, Family Event at the Jungle Farm

2018 – 3rd Annual Fall Festival
– Community workshops included: Social Media for Parents and Educators, Healthy Living Resource Fair, the Power of Playfulness, Why Sleep is so Important.

Through the years we have kept in mind positive mental health for families and this theme is threaded throughout our events.

Where we’re going:

2019 – 4th annual Fall Family Festival
– Connect to Disconnect initiative to promote attachment and connection among families
– Technology, Media, and Children community workshop to help families create a healthy balance with media use and family connection
– 1st ever Investing in Families Conference to support parents in supporting their children’s development
– Community workshops including: 40 Developmental Assets for Children, Maternal Mental Health and Music Kids.

Coalition Map


Be active in the early years of your child and in the community!Be part of the group of parents, caregivers, professionals who take small steps to be engaged or If you would like to contribute to the Coalition or receive more information, please send us an email. We want to hear your opinion! Get in Touch with Your Local Coalition!

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