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Foothills & Area

Foothills Children’s Wellness Network (FCWN)

Who we are:

Vision: Happy, Healthy Children
Mission: To be a hub of children’s wellness
Tag Line: Play * Grow * Connect * Shine

Goals of the Network:
1.Catch Concerns Early
2.Strengthen the abilities of parents, caregivers and the community to raise happy, healthy children
3.Guide Parents and Caregivers to know where to go and what to do when they have concerns
4.Support and Learn from one another

*Our members developed these goals together and collectively, within our own mandates and within our own spheres of influence, we are working hard to achieve them!

What We Believe:
The Foothills Children’s Wellness Network believes that it takes everyone: parents, families and communities working together to raise a happy, healthy child; one who has the solid foundation needed in order to become a happy, healthy, independent and fulfilled adult.

What We Do:
Together, we create and raise a collective voice to promote the importance of Early Childhood Development!
Through the Network, we capitalize on the collective expertise, assets and established relationships that members contribute. This helps us to provide consistent and aligned messages, while building the capacity of members to support and advocate for positive experiences and environments in the early years.

Where we’ve been:

The Foothills Children’s Wellness Network (FCWN, the Network) was created to promote the importance of Early Childhood Development and has been in existence since 2009. We are a collaborative network of people, communities, businesses, governments and early childhood services in the Foothills region all working together to coordinate and maximize resources to support the growth and development of happy, healthy children. The theoretical framework of Collective Impact is what we built the Network structure on.

The initial impetus for the Pediatric and Family Wellness Network began as a discussion in late 2008 when Dr. Bob Haslam, former Chair of the Sheep River Health Trust (SRHT), put forth the suggestion that the area was in need of pediatric care and services that would promote the health of the community’s children. Dr. Haslam presented Vincent Filetti’s paper, The Relationship of Adverse Experiences to Adult Health: Turning Gold into Lead. This paper references the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE Study) stating that the study reveals a powerful relationship between our emotional experiences as children and our physical and mental health as adults, as well as the major causes of adult mortality in the United States. Discussion ensued around the possibilities to utilize this model in our community.

The Sheep River Health Trust (SRHT) undertook this project advocating to AHS the need for this project and their commitment to be a partner in its development. SRHT was directed to develop the idea with a focus on enhancing and gaining synergy from existing services and resources and not to focus on bricks and mortar. With the understood need to engage the community and all the various agencies, programs and resources, a network was created. The intent was to build on existing capacity to collaborate, integrate, and coordinate services. The findings from a literature review, along with conversations with community members, stakeholders and organizations in the Foothills were evaluated and the Foothills Children’s Wellness Network was formed!

Where we’re going:

The strength of the Foothills Children’s Wellness Network (FCWN) lies with our membership. Having a common mission, vision and goals has been transformative. We are all on the same page when it comes to the importance of the early years and we all are committed to moving this work forward!

Some highlights of our work:
Early Learning and Child Care Conference – 2020 will be the 4th annual. For ELCC centre educators, owners, directors and staff members
Our Time Together Cookbook – Valuing time spent together in the kitchen – 2019
Screen Time Resources for 0-2 year olds and for 2-5 year olds – providing practical alternatives for parents
Early Years Toolkit – a hands on resource full of ideas on how to use everyday objects to enhance growth in all of the developmental domains.
Report to the Community – annual printed update on our work, accomplishments and stories of impact
Event for Parents and Caregivers – with Dr. Kelly Dean Schwartz – “Building Resilience.”

The Foothills Children’s Wellness Network is expanding! In response to community need we have been working on establishing a Youth Branch (13-24 years) of the FCWN. A lot of work has been done on partnership development and strategic planning. A logo, mission, vision, terms of reference, communication and marketing plan have all been created!


Be active in the early years of your child and in the community!Be part of the group of parents, caregivers, professionals who take small steps to be engaged or If you would like to contribute to the Coalition or receive more information, please send us an email. We want to hear your opinion!

Coalitions as of 2020