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Flagstaff/Beaver County

Flagstaff Beaver ECD Coalition

Who we are:

We are funded on a yearly grant basis through Family and Community Support Services Association of Alberta (FCSSAA) and Government of Alberta.
Community Members and Service Providers from all over Flagstaff and Beaver County’s.
We have monthly meetings.
We welcome anyone interested in joining our Coalition.
Community is the root of this Coalition.
Our focus is children 0-5 years old.
Engage, Educate and Advocate for the Importance of Early Childhood Development.
We are building relationships with parents, caregivers and the community in the hope of showing the importance of investing in our children and early childhood development. Our core members are very dedicated, positive and passionate.

Where we’ve been:

We are part of a rich history of establishing the foundations of health and well-being in the early years with the collaborative support of parents, families, caregivers, and our community. Our Coalition started in 2012 with the ECMap Research Project. We were the 2nd Coalition to receive the $50,000 grant during the project.

We create, develop and implement an annual Coalition Community Action Plan (CCAP). The action plan includes measurable goals and provides details on the actions and activities that will contribute towards achieving the goals. The CCAP focuses on increasing awareness and understanding of early childhood development and available resources, engaging community, collaborating with stakeholders and building our capacity.

Where we’re going:

We are made up of community members, service providers, organizations, agencies and parents who want only the best for all our young children.

Some of our successes include:
Hosting Kinder Fairs in partnership with all the local kindergarten registration nights. Providing each child with a spruced up bag from the Learning Partnership.
Community directory full of all updated information and resources for early childhood development.
Be Fit For Life bins that travel around to Preschool and Kindergarten classes to encourage physical literacy.
Provide each of our 11 communities with Little Libraries built by our high school students and community members to promote early literacy.
Host parenting, child development workshops and events like our Literacy Adventure Days (featuring the Adventure Bus), Construct and Play that focuses on the male role models in our children’s lives.
Development of 5 videos on several different topics of early childhood development. 5 Areas of Child Development.
“The Disconnect Box” that promotes the importance of putting down our technology and connecting with our family and friends.
Come join us as we continue to create and sustain positive change for young children and families. Let’s build a foundation of health and well-being in the early years that will last a lifetime.


Be active in the early years of your child and in the community!Be part of the group of parents, caregivers, professionals who take small steps to be engaged or If you would like to contribute to the Coalition or receive more information, please send us an email. We want to hear your opinion!

Coalitions as of 2020