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Edmonton Southeast

Southeast Edmonton Early Childhood Community Coalition (SEECCC)

Who we are:

The Southeast Edmonton Early Childhood Community Coalition is a volunteer collaborative of parents, grandparents, educators, health providers, librarians, social workers, childcare providers and others committed to helping our young children reach their full potential. We provide evidence of the critical importance of the early years in providing the foundation for children to thrive and become healthy, contributing adults. We share the Early Development Instrument (EDI) results for the children in our area and communicate about how all community members can contribute to healthy environments for children’s physical, social, emotional and language development in their early years. We identify community resources, strengths and unmet needs. We broadly communicate information about the resources and develop partnerships to begin to address unmet needs. We are a voice for children and families and advocate on their behalf.

Where we’ve been:

Since fall 2014, our Coalition has significantly expanded its reach, its partnerships and its activities. Initially, as a strategy to engage our constituency, our Community Action Plan focused on disseminating Early Development Instrument, socio-economic, and resource information , as well as ideas about roles community members could play to help children and families. We have hosted multiple community meetings, developed a website and resources. We constructed a database that now includes all area schools, child cares, play schools, libraries and 470 individuals to whom we send a monthly newsletter. As well, we have a Facebook presence. We developed partnerships, for example, with two area childcares to support Family & Community Support Services (FCSS) activities, 3 public libraries, the 6 other Edmonton Coalitions, and with family serving agencies (Community Options, Family Literacy). To expand our knowledge and our influence in the sector, executive members have committed to participate in diverse research and service groups and to facilitate the Brain Architecture Game. We also regularly invite guests to present at our executive meetings. With partners, we have increased local access to service.

Where we’re going:

We strive to support the most vulnerable children and families. Our practice is to build from our base – maintain our practice to provide pre-screening locally, to develop a partnership with CASA and Concordia University of Edmonton, to expand our partnership with the University of Alberta by working with new faculties and with the City of Edmonton by getting involved in RECOVER, to grow the capacity of our Council of Coalitions by seeking grant opportunities and to connect with newly elected MLAs to underscore the importance of the early years. The intent of our partnerships is to better inform ourselves and our community, and to provide families with additional opportunities to get services locally or be personally involved in research related to early childhood. Based on feedback from participants in our workshops, we will provide additional ones in areas of expressed need. We will more especially focus on immigrant, refugee and indigenous community members as we have become more aware of specific needs in those communities. Because we do not have a core family serving agency in our area, it is critically important that our executive members maintain their involvement in agencies such as Child Friendly, Community-University Partnership (CUP) and others.


Be active in the early years of your child and in the community!Be part of the group of parents, caregivers, professionals who take small steps to be engaged or If you would like to contribute to the Coalition or receive more information, please send us an email. We want to hear your opinion! Get in Touch with Your Local Coalition!

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