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Crowsnest Pass & Area

Crowsnest Pass & Area Early Childhood Development Coalition

Who we are:

We are comprised of over 50 active and connected members in the Crowsnest Pass and rural areas. We partner with multiple agencies to ensure children and their families have ample opportunity to meet, play, grow, and learn together about the developing child and their brain. We hold monthly member meetings to collaborate and plan ways to make sure children aged 0-6 are accurately represented in our community!

Where we’ve been:

One of our landmark projects is a free public outdoor classroom designed for children ages 0-6. Check out our YouTube video for a recap of our progress.
Loose Parts play provides children the opportunity to free play with many different items using their own invention, problem solving, and wonderment. We celebrate “Loose Parts” play through many parent/child community groups around Crowsnest Pass.
Our Coalition put together hundreds of “Thrive by Five” packages for local families. These packages provide new parents with valuable information on how to help their child grow and develop during the first five years (and beyond)!

Where we’re going:

Our Coalition is instrumental in coordinating “Spring Fever” Family Fair and Bike Rodeo annually in May. The fair consists of a bike safety course, helmet checks, face painting, balloon animals, crafts, games, barbecue supper, door prizes and giveaway bags for every child. Over 85 youth (0-18 yrs) came through with their parents to partake in the event. Over 20 helmets were safely fitted on children who had unsafe/broken/non-fitting helmets. All of this is provided FREE of charge, and is a collaboration of many local businesses and volunteers. We look forward to bringing this event back each spring.

Our bi-monthly article for our local newspaper “Shootin the Breeze” is titled “Investing In Our Children.” We highlight different topics of interest for parents/caregivers of children of all ages. Check out some of the past articles by clicking our website link.
“Building Brains” is an exciting joint initiative with our Coalition and Crowsnest Pass Parent Link. In 2016, a study called the EDI (Early Development Instrument) was given to children in Alberta to assess the level of children’s development in their preschool years. Crowsnest Pass and Area children scored much lower than the Alberta average, especially in the Language and Cognitive Development category. Dr. Robbin Gibb did a study on executive function and emergent literacy in the brain, and ways we can enhance and grow those skills in children. We have been introducing her Brain Games to children in Crowsnest Pass. Since February 2019, we have been visiting local playschools, daycares, and schools to teach children and their teachers/parents/caregivers these multiple Brain Games.
For more information visit our website.


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Be active in the early years of your child and in the community!Be part of the group of parents, caregivers, professionals who take small steps to be engaged or If you would like to contribute to the Coalition or receive more information, please send us an email. We want to hear your opinion!

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