Priority Areas:

Knowledge mobilization,  Communication , Community Engagement and Collaborative Planning and Coalition Development

The most effective approach for building healthy communities with increased capacity to support our youngest citizens is developing an understanding of local capacities and the unique needs of children and families.

Communities are partners with government in supporting children and families. Partnerships and collaboration builds on existing community networks and fosters new connections and networks. A coalition is a group of individuals from a variety of organizations that come together to work on a common goal. 

Early Childhood Coalitions Alberta are made up of parents, grandparents, educators, health care workers, librarians, community groups, service providers and more who bring together community strengths and resources within a geographic boundary or community. 

Partnerships and relationships between individuals, organizations and sectors, with a priority focus on the early years, provide a community voice for young children and their families. In Alberta, 100 Coalitions continue to meet regularly locally, regionally and provincially both in person and virtually. Diverse membership and a democratic space fosters shared leadership amongst local community members and professionals. 

They share a common vision and work collaborating to engage community and plan to respond to local needs. In 2016, coalitions each developed Community Coalition Action Plan (CCAP) unique to their community that focuses on the following four priority areas: